Sections are containers for application body. By default .app container will have no padding and no background. To add them you should use sections.

You can make any element a section adding .section class on it.

<div class="section">
  <!-- contents -->  

Section acts as .container-fluid and has padding and background.

Layout Variations

  • .section-wide removes horizontal padding
  • .section-condensed removes vertical padding
  • .section-break adds a margin-bottom and shadow (useful if you have more than a section on the same view)
  • .section-default uses


You can use any of .section-default, .section-primary, .section-success, .section-info, .section-warning or .section-danger to change the appearance of sections according to bootstrap style variations.


<div class="section section-wide section-info">
  <!-- contents -->  

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